Our Land, Our Struggle

Our Land, Our Struggle

Quilombola Action

Quilombola Action

Gender and Environment

Gender and Environment

Where the Trees are a Desert - 2003

online photo-essay exploring the impacts of monoculture eucalyptus plantations on local people and the environment in Brazil.

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19-22 April
World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, Cochabamba, Bolivia
The Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia calls on the peoples of the world, social movements and Mother Earth’s defenders, and invites scientists, academics, lawyers and governments that want to work with their citizens to the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth to be held from 20th to 22nd April 2010 in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Read the call out here
There are 16 working groups. Get involved here  
Self-organized event:
A group of climate justice activists based in Europe have organised a workshop in Cochabamba called, “Building Bridges Across Continents with Grassroots Climate Justice Movements,” (see programme for time and place.) We invite you to come and discuss these questions with us there.

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27-28 February
Climate Justice Action Post-Copenhagen/COP15 Gathering, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Climate Justice Action and others in direct action radical climate movements are bringing together a meeting to evaluate recent resistance to climate colonialism and to consider what’s next.


7-18 December
COP15 mobilizations, Copenhagen, Denmark
1-8 October
Resistanbul protests against IMF/WB, Instanbul, Turkey.
27 August - 2 September
Climate Camp, London, UK 
3-9 August
2-3 July
G8 Underground (Gsotto), Sardinia, Italy
The overall meeting will be focused on three strategic thematic areas:
- phasing out of the oil economy, keep oil in the ground
- community control over mining resources and reconversion
- the new frontier of natural resources exploration.
30 January
Durban Group for Climate Justice workshop, World Social Forum, Belem, Brazil



30 October - 2 November
Global Transparency: Fighting Corruption for a Sustainable Future
/ 13th International Anti-Corruption Conference, Athens, Greece

17-21 September
European Social Forum, Malmö, Sweden

12-14 July
Climate Justice Now! Bangkok, Thailand

19-30 May
United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity,
Bonn, Germany

17-20 April
United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues,

    Photo Exhibition Launch: REDD: CO2lonialism of Forests

13 February
Climate Change and Cap and Trade in the USA debate
    RAN, San Francisco, CA

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