Adelino Machado

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“Previously we had more fish than today. Today there are practically no more fish in the sea due to Petrobras’ much larger vessels, research vessel dropping bombs in the sea, polluting oil, and also the platforms.

Fishers have no more right to fish anymore. Where are you going to go when there are oil platforms on the high seas, they have ships with oil. You can no longer drop your fishing net and easily fish. Today we have a big problem in the fishing sector called Petrobras. It came here to take away our wealth and leaves the fishing community increasingly poor. The fishers today are driven to prostitution, drugs, abandonment, because the only thing we know is how to fish and today we can no longer fish.

70% of the land in Conceição da Barra is eucalyptus and because of this we no longer have forests, they poisoned all of our soil, we do not even see anymore birds. After it rains, the poison they put in eucalyptus goes into the streams, rivers and thence to the sea.

Our city revolves around fishing and so Conceição da Barra has become increasingly poor, because of these large companies. And today they give no assistance in return to the communities.

What I want for my future is what everyone wants: for my children to be able to study and have a decent life.

First they began the oil exploration, then came a ship called chupa cabra (goat sucker) that detonated the entire seabed. There was one tremendous explosion and the fish died but the fish that didn’t die fled the edge of the coast, which is where we work.

The city council thinks it’s all normal.

I wanted to see all the fishermen doing well, how we should be as humans, to be able to raise my children, and for them to go to school. The way things are I do not see a future, unfortunately I only see the worst for my class.”

Benedito Matias Porto (Seu Bi)
Olinda Alves dos Santos and Benedito Alves dos Santos (S. Corumba)