Benedito Alves dos Santos (S. Corumba)

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“Petrobras arrived here in ‘72. We were quiet when the company came here to do initial research. We had a big cattle ranch. My father refused to collaborate and said he would sue the company but Petrobras threatened, saying it was a federal project and that he could not resist or we could be evicted from here.

Within my land area Petrobras has now 13 oil wells occupying an area of ​​10 hectares although the contract says that it can only occupy two hectares. In addition, we are surrounded by eucalyptus from the companies, Fibria and Bahia Sul. The contract was made in 1972, but I only received a small royalty in 2000, after production was already declining.

Petrobras has not brought me any benefit, it only brings harm to the land owner.
You can’t eat wood and you can’t drink oil so how am I supposed to live here? I took my wife and children and moved to the city because here, these are not conditions to survive. I cannot even raise animals because Petrobras would not allow it, nor the energy that is 200 meters from my house that the company said they would offer to us. The stream was full of fish, but now destroyed, murdered, killed, it has nothing left. Not even a toad can survive here because there are so many chemicals in our water. And with the noise of the explosions, I had to move because everyone was having headaches.

The petroleum is ours? It is the land owners? No!”

Olinda Alves dos Santos