Sebastiao de Frietas

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“They are going to put a massive industry here… they have talked to people yes, but only in terms of explaining what they are already planning to do. The people don’t have any idea what is going to go on… we have no idea. They don’t say. Maybe even Fibria doesn’t know. It is difficult not only for me but for the general population because they are selling and leaving and they have many things to think about like how to leave and where to go. It is difficult.

Maybe if it was that they found petroleum here it would be a different thing. Then it would be over, we’d be kicked out immediately but that this is going to be large factory and some will stay nearby … well, it’s difficult. We don’t know what is going to happen.

I was raised in the countryside, I live in the countryside, I have always lived in the countryside and that is what I wish to do, stay in the countryside.”

Rosimere Periera de Freitas