Stories of Resistance Against Monoculture
Indigenous Tupinikim and Guarani

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‘’Only nowAracruz has begun searching the indigenous… in the past they didn’t. We would talk about some project they had promised to do but never acomplishedand they only criticised. Today they search the indigenous to have an argument against us to let them plant eucalyptus on our land. They have a preoccupation for our people, to be acting together with Aracruz. They search our community if they want something, but we don’t want anything else to do withAracruz. What we want is our land….There are problems with the water, contamination, pollution in the water we drink. They are putting many bad things in this water. Can you imagine living without water? Having to buy water to drink and not being able to find it? Mineral water? What is that? Mineral water is in the forest, water you drink and you feel it’s taste. Today you drink water that tastes like chlorine and that is harmful for us, for all peoples.’’