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Women on the march

REDD - CO2lonialism of Forests

Photo Essay
by Tamra Gilbertson

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Below are the links to download the exhibition, 'REDD - CO2lonialism of Forests'. If you would like to print them, they are 50x70cm, but of course can be modified to A4 pages. Please feel free to put them up on websites, share, print and use:

Poster 1 [PDF 29.1mb]
Cimate Change and Forests

Poster 2 [PDF 54mb]
Commodifying Forests

Poster 3 [PDF 35mb]
Lessons Learned from CDM


Poster 4 [PDF 34.1mb]
World Bank and the FCPF

Poster 5 [PDF 60.2mb]
Kampa Peninsula: Potential Pilot Projet

Poster 6 [PDF 38.9mb]
No Carbon Market for Forests!



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