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Platform | Tuesday, 29 September 2009
Sat 3 Oct - Sun 29 Nov, 10am - 6pm (Closed Mondays)

"The energy and climate-change crisis stands as a unique social and ecological challenge… Those least responsible for climate change are the worst affected by it…" Vandana Shiva, Indian Activist, 2008
Artist-activist group PLATFORM and their collaborators propose C Words, a two-month investigation into carbon, climate, capital and culture. Based on PLATFORM's 25 years of research, art and action, C Words cross-examines the present and looks to the next two decades. How did we get here? Where are we going? Who's deciding? Who's made invisible? Whose future matters? PLATFORM members will be in residence at Arnolfini throughout the project.
Over 25 events, installations, performances, actions, walks, courses, discussions and skills-sharing will build towards the moment of public departure to the protests at the contested COP 15 in Copenhagen. This isn't art which merely describes the problems of climate justice. C Words investigates how everything from carbon offsets and transport, to racism and bank accounts play their part in the carbon web. How will culture be produced in a low energy future? Can we imagine our way from here to there?

View a video from The Guardian's website, taken at C Words opening weekend.

Link here FFI on C Words events, courses, talks and workshops

The C Words 16 page newspaper contains articles, essays and full C Words listings - pick up a copy from Arnolfini or download a pdf version here

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