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London Rising Tide | Thursday, 22 November 2007

London Rising Tide today interrupted delegates at the Aviation Emissions Trading Summit, held at Selfridges Hotel, central London. They interrupted proceedings with an impromptu speech and presentation, of a box of atmosphere. Free shares for pre Emissions Trading Scheme atmosphere were also given out to each delegate at the conference.

Protesters from London Rising Tide were at the conference today to highlight the huge risk of accelerated climate change through flights.

This scheme will allow the industry to claim environmental credentials when in fact stopping airport expansion and reducing flights is what is required. The fact that these permits will be auctioned at a bargain price will further add to the lack of impact that this scheme will have on the aviation industry.

ETS is an easy way for the super polluting aviation industry to cover themselves with greenwash.

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The back of the shares to the atmosphere read:
We hereby grant you the right to make great personal profit from the destruction of the human race of which you are a part and from who's existence and misfortune you have benefited greatly.

We grant you the right to own the air that we breath and to fill it with carcinogens and green house gasses.

If our government does not subsidise you with a sufficient volume of the air in which to store your pollutants, we grant you the right to buy farming land and natural forest habitats from less fortunate peoples, to evict them from their homes and to replace them with monoculture plantations of eucalyptus and mango. We grant you the good fortune to be too busy making money to find out about the consequences of your actions for your fellow human beings.

We grant you the right to avoid at all costs the investment of your hard earned money into technologies free from fossil fuels. We recommend you spend lavishly to lobby government and do not get ahead of the game and outsmart your peers instead by developing safe, carbon-free methods of transport.

May you forever continue to blame your peers, your shareholders, the passengers, for the decisions you play your part in enacting. May you never think to reduce your flights, to take a positive action, to play your part in averting disaster for your fellow beings.
Carbon Trading. Not a way to tackle climate change.


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