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Carbon Trade Watch | Thursday, 11 December 2014
In the South-East state of Espirito Santo Brazil off-shore pre-salt petroleum was discovered deep under the Earth's crust in 2006. The subsequent oil exploration and extraction has had numerous impacts on the marine environment and the people who live there. Espirito Santo is a state which has already felt severe impacts from land extraction. It is a major producer of steel, marble, granite, cellulose, papaya, coffee and the second largest petroleum export region in Brazil. It holds the largest port complex in South America with plans to invest $100 billion RS from public and private funds into the ports. Two more large ports are slated for construction including the much contested Jurong port. Local communities and activists continue to resist various aspects of the petroleum impacts on land and shore. In January 2014 a group of 20 activists set out to learn more, build solidarity, and share the impacts between affected communities – by bicycle.
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