REDD - CO2lonialism of forests
Climate Change and Forests

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Climate change, caused by growing concentrations of human made greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, has caused an alarming range of impacts on biodiversity and the integrity of the world’s environment. It is increasingly acknowledged that deforestation, particularly in tropical regions, is currently responsible for between 18 and 20 per cent of global CO2 emissions.

This photo essay aims to highlight the serious flaws associated with RED/D and to give a voice to communities faced with confronting colonialist top-down policies. This photo essay was prepared by participants of the Durban Group for Climate Justice for the 7th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in April 2008.

Photo Essay by Tamra Gilbertson

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Poster 1 [PDF 29.1mb]
Cimate Change and Forests
Poster 2 [PDF 54mb]
Commodifying Forests
Poster 3 [PDF 35mb]
Lessons Learned from CDM
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Poster 4 [PDF 34.1mb]
World Bank and the FCPF
Poster 5 [PDF 60.2mb]
Kampa Peninsula: Potential Pilot Projet
Poster 6 [PDF 38.9mb]
No Carbon Market for Forests!
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