Stories of Resistance Against Monoculture
Indigenous Tupinikim and Guarani

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Dona Teresa

The Tupinikim and Guarani Peoples held an historical meeting on 19 February 2005 to reclaim and struggle against Aracruz Cellulose, the biggest eucalyptus pulp producing company in the world. The company had still occupied 11,009 hectares of government identified Indigenous lands that were theirs until 1967 when people were brutally forced off lands by the military dictatorship to make way for the multinational eucalyptus industry. Aracruz Cellulose constructed its first – and today the largest functioning in the world –pulpmill on top of what was once a Tupinikimvillage called, ‘Macacos’and expelled people from more than 30 villages over an area of more than 40,000 hectares.