The Offsets Market in India, Confronting Carbon Colonialism

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Photo Essay by Tamra Gilbertson

This photo exhibition is based on research conducted in India between November 2006 and March 2007. The exhibition aims to highlight the serious flaws in the concept of offsetting pollution by looking beyond the glossy veneer of the brochures of carbon brokers and by giving a voice to communities faced with confronting corporate power.

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Below are the links to download the exhibition, ‘The Offsets Market in India, Confronting Carbon Colonialism’. If you would like to print them, they are 50x70cm, but of course can be modified to A4 pages. Please feel free to put them up on websites, share, print and use:

Poster 1 [PDF 21.4mb]
The Offsets Market In India
Confronting Carbon Colonialism
Poster 2 [PDF 111.7mb]
Large Scale Wind Farms
Satara, Maharashtra, India
Poster 3 [PDF 43.5mb]
Community Resistance
Kadre Kurd, Maharashtra, India
poster1a.jpg poster2a.jpg poster3a.jpg
Poster 4 [PDF 36.7mb]
Sponge Iron Factories
Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India
Poster 5 [PDF 54.4mb]
Community Resistance
Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India
Poster 6 [PDF 40.7mb]
Climate Care, Ranthambore
and Bio-digesters
Rajasthan, India
poster4a.jpg poster5a.jpg poster6a.jpg
Poster 7 [PDF 20.5mb]
Voluntary Offsets Market
Poster 8 [PDF 71.6mb]
Bhilangana Dam and CDM
“It’s a lie, we don’t want this dam! No, no!”
Uttaranchal, India
Poster 9 [PDF 73.3mb]
Bhilangana Dam and CDM
“It is totally wrong, a pack of lies.”
Uttaranchal, India
poster7a.jpg poster8a.jpg poster9a.jpg
Poster 10 [PDF 21.4mb]
The Offsets Market in India
Forward from False Solutions