REDD - CO2lonialism of forests
No Carbon Market for Forests!

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There is a real danger that schemes to ‘avoid deforestation’ will become a further means for rich countries to avoid their responsibility for over-consumption and evade emissions cuts. RED/D lifts the focus away from Northern country consumption and creates a palatable system for industrialised countries. Indigenous Peoples and forest communities could experience a double blow. With climate change threatening their survival, measures to tackle climate change risk exacerbating their dispossession.

As things stand, the exact shape of any RED/D scheme in a post-2012 climate agreement has yet to be determined. By handing responsibility for RED/D pilots to the World Bank, however, a path has been cleared to a market-based scheme that would commodify forests, reward companies that are fuelling deforestation and allow polluters in the North to buy their way out of responsibility for reducing emissions.