Come to Gorleben (Northern Germany) on the 6-7th November – let's stop the Castor-train! PDF Print E-mail
Castor Schottern | Wednesday, 03 November 2010
castor.gifWe call on those people who for many years have been active in the resistance against nuclear power; and the Castor-transports; on those who have demonstrated in mass against the government's savage cuts to social services; on the tens of thousands who have sat down on the street in order to stand up to the Nazis; on people in villages, in smaller and bigger towns and cities, who are no longer willing to accept governments and corporations riding roughshod over our opposition to nuclear power:
This year we intend to stop the Castor by taking out stones from under the train tracks, thus undermining them and making the railroad running to Gorleben unusable.


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