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Climate9 | Tuesday, 04 May 2010
"Civilisation has never progressed by squatting in its comfort zone. The great human breakthroughs have always been led by small clusters of brave individuals taking costly stands. History will be the ultimate court of opinion that will judge the climate protestors. In so doing, may its hand not be forced to judge our wider British society too harshly." Professor Alastair McIntosh, Centre for Human Ecology.

'I am very proud of my brother for making a stand for justice. We learnt from our grandparents, who survived WWII, that if we see disaster looming, it is  essential that we speak out, for us, our kids and for generations to come. Dan’s eyes were open to injustice from a young age, and since then could not be shut. Whatever the price they have to pay for speaking the truth, the Climate9 are publicly prepared to do  to help bring justice for those badly affected by climate change. For this I am excited that change may be coming.'  Naomi Glass, teacher and twin sister of Dan Glass

'I resent the fact that the British tax payers are having to fork out again to prosecute 9 courageous young climate change activist who are trying to save our planet and its people.  The British tax payer already subsidise the aviation industry to the tune of at least £9  billions a year because there is no tax on their fuel. Yet thousands of our old people die each winter with hypothermia and the poorest most vulnerable families in Britain who suffer from fuel poverty have to choose between eating and heating and pay full tax on their fuel. People living under the flight paths receive a double whammy as their children have to breathe in the pollution and have their clean washing covered in black spots.  I think the British public need to be asking themselves who are the real ‘criminals’ here.' Cathy McCormack long term campaigner on housing, health, poverty and climate change and author of ‘The Wee Yellow Butterfly’.
When governments and corporations act against the interest of the global environment it is only right and proper that responsible citizens should attempt to arrest their progress. There is an unacceptably high price to be paid by future generations for overt contravention of responsible planetary management. That citizen's action should replace government inaction - to ensure that legally binding emission reduction targets are met - is entirely appropriate. Its too late to wait, and its all too clear on whose side real justice belongs. Sir Julian Rose, Writer and environmentalist.

More on the Climate9:
The Climate9 action targetted plans to almost triple Aberdeen airport, partly to serve Donald Trump's controversial luxury golf and hotel complex development in Aberdeen.

Aviation is the sector with the fastest growing emissions in the UK. The Holyrood and Westminster government's support plans to massively expand the sector, threatening climate agreements and our chance of avoiding runaway climate change.

The aviation industry are subsidised £9 billion a year by the taxpayer in fuel tax exemptions. Meanwhile individuals pay full tax, and fuel poverty causes deaths each year.

Expansion plans could in Scotland could up passenger numbers to 67.9 million/year (in a country of only 5.1 million people!). 60% of Scotland's flights are domestic.

Pollution is increasing poor health and inequality in the UK and causing 100,000 of deaths per year globally. The biggest losers are the poorest people in the poor world.  They will be hit first, and most acutely, by climate change.  Yet, they are the least likely of any people on earth to fly.

Climate change is the biggest threat to our future security, health, well being and survival as a human race, yet those in power are not taking it seriously. Instead they are pandering to the desires of business and industry for whom short term profit is the bottom line.
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