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Climate Justice Action | Monday, 22 February 2010
COP-gear_only.png Climate Justice Action and others in direct action radical climate movements are bringing together a meeting to evaluate recent resistance to climate colonialism and to consider what’s next.

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February 2010 in AMSTERDAM
location: Plantagedoklaan 8-12, 1018 CM.

The purpose of this meeting is to create a space where radical climate activists can meet up to share info about the various struggles we’re fighting across the continent, and to discuss what next after Copenhagen.

Some people are discussing upcoming international meetings (such as Bonn, or the World Bank/IETA meetings this year), while others are choosing to focus on strengthening local groups and local struggles. This meeting will give us the opportunity to discuss these ideas and think about whether we can or want to have some kind of common strategy.

The meeting is open to all groups with a radical approach to the climate struggle, not just those who participated in the Climate Justice Action network. At least a basic common ground recognition of capitalism as the cause of the climate crisis will form the basis of our politics as we discuss ‘what next’.

Some possible items for the agenda so far are:

what struggles are currently happening in Europe
what international events are happening here, and do we want to mobilise for them
do we have/want a common strategy for struggles across the continent
discussion of proposal: callout for Peoples’ Assemblies
debrief of process that led up to Copenhagen (what can we learn from how the cja network organised/mobilised)
The meeting will take place between 9am-6pm on both days. Food will be provided for a donation. There will be sleeping space available – please let us know in advance (climate09process[at]gmail.com) if you will require this, and bring a sleeping bag and crash-mat. Also let us know in advance if you will require a bed (climate09process[at]gmail.com).

Please send agenda items to climate09process[at]gmail.com.
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